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Where THE Sidewalk Ends

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Author and poet Shel Silverstein tells us that if you walk far enough, you'll eventually reach the place where the sidewalk ends.

In my hometown of Stamford, Connecticut, that terminus marks the boundary between the downtown neighborhoods of THE city that works and the tall pines of Stamford’s northern woods.

Nestled between downtown Stamford and New York's bucolic Pound Ridge, North Stamford provides a buffer between the overdevelopement of THE metropolitan area and the adjacent and more rural, Hudson River Valley.

Though I was inclined to explore further, I remembered a promise I made my mother and kept to the sidewalks!

Recently those sidewalks took me passed Sherwin-Williams store number 705675, one of two THE company has in Stamford, where I noticed a woman making her way towards the store's entrance with hands full of Benjamin Moore paint.

I walked over to hold the door, and take a closer look!

Following the woman in, I watched as she disposed of her used paint cans in a wagon marked “PaintCare.

Which she did without addressing the staff, as if she'd been here before!

Gone in 60-Seconds!

With her former-preferences for Benjamin Moore paints now laying in John Morikis’ wagon, the woman walked over to THE chip rack where I was perched observing the transaction. And hoping, to find a way to stop this woman from contributing to paint's evil empire.

But before I could share that there was a independently-owned Ace Hardware down the street, a staffer convinced the womanto use SuperPaint for her intended project, hyping the brand for its lifetime guarantee.

Paint Near Me and Moore

During a 2022 consulting engagement for PaintCare I often spoke with dealers about becoming a drop-off site, though those conversations were frequently short. Most dealers I spoke with were understandably reluctant to take on the added responsibility of being a drop-off site.

PaintCare's practice of not sharing the fee with dealers who participate as drop-off sites, made it even easier for dealers to say no.

That reluctance though, leaves independent retailers underrepresented amongst PaintCare drop-off sites; where new paint purchasing decisions are now often made!

Since the program's inception in 2009 PaintCare has collected more than 63 million gallons of post-consumer paint waste. THE organization's web site providing consumers with locations where they can drop off the remains of their last paint job.

Or even start a new one!


In a previous blog I shared that I had recorded a podcast with Kelly-Moore chief executive Charles Gassenheimer which was scheduled for release this Thursday, March 2nd.

Which I had and it was, though as it turns out, it was premature to announce.

After explaining to Charles my need to postpone and apologizing for my misstatement I offered him an opportunity to appear on my show at another time, which I look forward to.


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