We're Not from Around Here

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Wiki defines “Upstate New York” as the area of the state lying north of the New York City Metropolitan area.

Though most New Yorkers I know use the term upstate to refer to any portion of the Empire state which is north, of where they happen to be standing at the moment.

While the Wiki definition does leave the matter of where the New York Metropolitan area ends and upstate begins opened to individual interpretation where ever that line is, it divides two New York’s separating upstate’s hunter-gatherers from downstate’s Uber Eats crowd.

With the Adirondack Mountains separating the two!

It’s Trivial

When the bartender of a North Country pub announced that it was trivia night my fiancéeic Gaetana, Guy, immediately became excited.

Always appreciative of my penchant for recalling meaningless facts, my kinda-wife thrilled at the prospect of showing off to the bar, my knack for the pointless.

Until dreams and reality collided.

Sponsored by the local lumberjack’s association the top prize for the night was a STIHL chainsaw AND a one-year membership in the local logger’s association.

Awarded to the room’s biggest geek of wood and forestry!