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Can You Keep It Brief?

It’s said that if you do what you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Which explains why a focus group for independent paint dealers which I hosted Thursday night felt nothing like work!

And like most fears, mine that THE event would be beset by last-minute cancellations proved unfounded. Though, there is always one!

Sherwin-Williams chief executive John Morikis announced his retirement last week.

That my words may have contributed to making Morikis THE shortest tenured chief executive in the company’s 157-year history torrents through my synapses.

The irresistible fulfillment of an activist’s fantasy!

On January first Heidi Petz, becomes the company's 10th chief executive.

Petz makes for an interesting choice; an outsider who did not matriculate in "stores" as had Morikis. Though it's likely it was along that path when Morikis learned at least some of his "schemes to defraud".

Petz's selection leaving one of you to wonder if they were looking to hire an outsider, why not hire THE outsider?

Morikis’ legacies will be of an executive willing to engage in employee harassment who also displayed a general disregard for ethical standards.

And the law!

Chill Out

A turn-around to Chicago last week left me wondering how I accomplished that feat so frequently earlier in my career? A stop at Garrett’s Popcorn made the 18-hour sojourn sweeter, but not enough to justify an effort – which conflicted with my otherwise chill vibe.

An extended recovery from my travels and unusually busy schedule limits my time with you this week, so the details of my travels will have to wait for next week.

But that doesn’t mean it did not happen!


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